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Leratiomyces sp. | ©Steve Axford
Like three little light globes, these strange blue mushrooms have ben found by the photograph in Booyong Reserve, Booyong, NSW, Australia. It is believed they may belong to the genus Leratiomyces (Strophariaceae), but their precise identification is still unknown.
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Stumpys back by Adam Broadbent
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(via 500px / Jumper by Hans-Joachim Brünig)
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Photo “Lookout!” by Mark Hardymon
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An F-35A AF-1 performing a hard banking maneuver with port-side weapons bay open.


Street x Luxury
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This week we’re appreciating reefs around the world. Our photo of the day is this beautiful photo of the Red Sea taken by Theresa Guise 
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Eagle Ray Over Sandy Bottom, Little Cayman by David Hall